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Introduction to our Online Education


- Go to MembershipÔɆ Login on the left menu and click “SNU Portal Login”. Log in by entering your SNU Portal ID and password.
- SNU students and faculty members without a MYSNU ID should register as a SNU Portal member at

How to register

- Go to the ‘Course’ menu. See which classes are available, and click ‘Course Registration’.
- The course you registered can be found at ‘My Classroom’.

Listen to Course

- Check the registered course at ‘My Classroom.’
- Click on the ‘Play’ button and your class will begin.

Printout Certificate

-When you have completed the course, you can print out a certificate.
(Your course progress is automatically recorded on the website system. Any attempt to fast forward or skip the lecture will result in a non-completion of the course, in which case you will not be able to receive a certificate.)
-The certificate can be printed out at ‘My Classroom > Printout Certificate’ any time after you have completed the course.
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