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Self-Assessment Checklist

Here is a checklist you can use to assess your awareness and attitude regarding the equality and safety of all in our campus community.

Self-Assessment Checklist
NO. Item Yes No
1. I think it is okay for people to offer unwanted advice repeatedly and push people hard who are younger and/or hold inferior positions/ranks so as to help the latter adapt and succeed in social settings.
2. I think it is okay to call someone younger and/or inferior in position/rank names and talk to that person in an impolite manner.
3. I think it is necessary for one to keep silent on issues within one’s community if one wants to have a successful and thriving life in that community.
4. I think people who hold superior positions/ranks in work, research, education, and learning should instruct and order people in inferior positions/ranks at any time of day or night using social media and instant messengers for the sake of efficient communication.
5. I think one has to be willing to work overtime even at night or on holidays because one is entirely responsible for one’s time management skills and failure to finish one’s workload in the given time.
6. I often express my irritation and anger while giving directions or supervisions to employees, colleagues or students in my job, research, education, or learning settings.
7. I think there are people who just don’t “fit” into our community.
8. I think it is essential for people working in the same workplace/labs/etc. to get to know one another at a personal level.
9. I have criticized or gossiped about someone in my community who doesn’t seem to fit in/who seems to stand out.
10. I think people who have difficulty fitting into a community have primarily themselves to blame.
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