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Sexual harassment

  • 1. Sexual harassment is a private matter and should be settled at individual level.
  • 2. The criterion to determine sexual harassment is based on whether the offender had the intention of harassment rather than the impact on the offended.
  • 3. The contents of consultation for sexual harassment are treated with confidentiality.
  • 4. Sexual harassment is a type of gender discrimination.
  • 5. It may be a case of sexual harassment when someone views pornography alone in the office by internet and others come across with such scene.
  • 6. Sexual joke made by professors or instructors on students can be a case of sexual harassment.
  • 7. In order for any act to be constituted as sexual harassment, it must be accompanied by physical body contact.
  • 8. Sexually-harassed men are also legally protected under the National Human Rights Committee Law.
  • 9. If the sexually harassed victim does not clearly express his/her dissent at the time of the incident, it is impossible to treat the personal harm done during the incident as a case of sexual harassment.
  • 10. The chief of public organization and its users are legally duty-bound to take preventive measures against sexual harassment.
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